SuperFlex 3D Printer Resin, Softness 80A Simulating Flexible Rubber, Made in Korea by 3DMaterials (1000g, Clear)


Price: $59.80
(as of Oct 05, 2023 03:12:44 UTC – Details)

[Enhance Productivity] Super fast printing enhance the productivity of 3D printing farm by at least 40% and up.
[Balanced Softness and Strength] SuperFlex has balanced softness with strength to simulate rubber or TPU for hard flexible (80A Shore) prototypes.
[80A Shore Hardness] SuperFlex has 80A Shore durometer and 150% elongation at break well-suited for cushioning, damping and shock absorption.
[ISO 10993-5] Properly cleaned and fully post cured SuperFlex prints pass ISO 10993-5 test.