Mach5ive Screen Saver for Resin 3D Printers – Mars 4 9K & Mars 4 Ultra 9K (3-Pack)


Price: $21.88
(as of Oct 05, 2023 09:13:38 UTC – Details)

SAVE TIME WITH PREP – Now you’re no longer forced to tidy up your printer right after a print. Apply our Screen Saver and have peace-of-mind knowing that your printer internals and LCD are protected from resin leaks.
QUALITY PROTECTION – Why take the risk of damaging your printer internals, LCD or FEP film? Avoid expensive repairs by applying our Screen Saver and protecting your printer. Several sizes are available!
EXTRA DURABLE – Made of high-quality PET, our Screen Saver is built to last. At .13 mm thick installed, it is resin-proof and safe from tears and abrasion, while remaining very flexible. Kit includes 3 Screen Savers, instructions, cleaning cloth, alcohol wipe, & squeegee.
IMPORTANT – Installation requires some skill. Although a bubble-free installation is ideal, a few small bubbles will not affect your prints. Bubbles around the perimeter of the screen, where it does not light up, is normal. Peeling off the protective film may generate static electricity and attract dust. Install in a clean environment. Protectors are designed to be larger than the screen in order to prevent resin seepage into the machine. PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST FOR HELP with any issues.