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The ProMade PoC Center at HSS in NYC installs the first 3D printer »3dpbm

The ProMade PoC Middle at HSS in NYC installs the primary 3D printer »3dpbm

LimaCorporate installed the first EOS metal LPBF 3D printer (DMLS) in the new ProMade PoC center for complex orthopedic solutions at HSS in New York City. The ProMade PoC Center will also house EBM printers when it is officially inaugurated later this year.

The northern Italian company was one of the first to use this groundbreaking technology over 14 years ago when there were no off-the-shelf EBM printers and the associated quality controls.

ProMade PoC Center LimaCorporate focused on creating proprietary processes and quality controls to deliver the quality customers have come to expect since the company’s inception in 1945. The success of these endeavors has been confirmed by the clinical legacy and recent MDR certification for these bespoke Class III devices.

The ProMade PoC Center implements the same proprietary processes and controls. The unique collaboration with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) was first presented in early 2019 when an additive manufacturing facility for custom implants was set up in a hospital setting. In establishing the AM facility, the partners wanted to improve the availability and accessibility of personalized orthopedic care in the United States

The collaboration between Lima and HSS is not unprecedented as the NYC-based hospital has been ordering patient-specific implants from the Italian company’s headquarters since 2016. Part of LimaCorporates’ proprietary Trabecular Titanium offering, these implants have been used in the past few years to treat patients with complex orthopedic cases.

The new facility is located on the main HSS campus on the Upper East Side in New York. By setting up a dedicated AM facility in the hospital, waiting times for the manufacture and shipping of custom implants will be reduced, which will facilitate the treatment processes for healthcare professionals and ultimately improve patient care.

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