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 silk filament - an overview | sciencedirect topics
Silk is a continuous filament fiber produced by silk worms. The raw fiber consists of two filaments glued together with a substance called sericin. Silk filaments are not sized before weaving, since the sericin protects the filaments during the weaving process (Peters, 1967, p. 323 ).

 filamento silk - azurefilm d.o.o.
Filamento SILK. Mostrato 1~22 da insieme 22 Prodotti. Visualizza: 24 nella pagina 48 nella pagina 96 nella pagina tutto. Sorta: ordine predefinito per prezzo (Min-Max) per prezzo (Max-Min) dal più votato per nome (A-Z) per nome (Z-A) 1.

 silk filament - morus silk - silk yarns and filaments
Quality Silk Filaments produced in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Hundreds of custom shades and bulk ordering available.

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 silk filament printing — hackspace magazine
Silk filament can create excellent-looking prints, but it can also highlight every imperfection in the print, depending on how it’s used. It looks best on prints with a lot of features, such as sharp edges or tight curves – the reflections then pick out these features.

 giantarm filamento pla 1.75mm silk argento, stampante 3d ...
Great silk filament. Any time when I buy a new filament, I always print this model so I can see what it looks like when printed and also to see if there are any incosistencies with the extrusion. I found that many silk filaments suffer from an inconsistent extrusion because they contain additives that make them softer, ...

 cerprise silk pla filament 1.75mm 3d printer filament 3d ...
Higher Toughness: Silk PLA is close to standard PLA in material properties but it’s tougher and than PLA. High Quality: no bubble or dust inside filament, hardly clog the nozzle or extruder, designed to reduce jamming. No Tangling: Perfect winded filament silk PLA, 100% tangle-free before unopened, neatly rolled, no curling or warping.

 noulei filamento pla per stampanti 3d, 1.75 mm, shiny 3d ...
Noulei Filamento PLA per stampanti 3D, 1.75 mm, Shiny 3D Printing Filament Silk Antique Gold 500g: Commercio, Industria e Scienza

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