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 how to succeed when 3d printing with petg filament ...
Printing wet PETG can lead to hydrolysis which will permanently alter the filament on a molecular level, making it significantly weaker than it would be if it were printed dry. Check out our in-depth article on how moisture affects your filament, and how you can successfully dry your 3D filament here.

 3d printing with petg: print settings & tips | all3dp
3D Printing with PETG: Print Settings & Tips. by Hironori Kondo. Updated Feb 11, 2021. Advertisement. Learn how to succeed in 3D printing PETG! Read on for our five simple tips to perfect your PETG print settings.

 petg filament - complete 3d printing guide [2021 ...
PETG is a favourite in the world of 3D printing. PETG combines the best qualities of both PLA and ABS. Boasting the functionality and durability of ABS while retaining the printability of PLA, PETG is also great for mechanical applications due to its amazing layer adhesion, low warping and high impact-resistance.

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 3d printing in petg | hubs
3D printing materials. 3D printing in PETG. Good for mechanical parts with high impact resistance and flexibility. Sterilizable. PETG is a thermoplastic with improved properties over PLA, with high impact resistance and excellent chemical and moisture resistance.

 the complete petg filament 3d printing guide | 3dsourced
The Complete PETG Filament 3D Printing Guide. PETG is a great all-around filament for 3D printing almost anything, offering a mix of the benefits offered by both PLA and ABS without any significant downsides. It’s strong, somewhat flexible, stands up well to heat, is very impact resistant without breaking, and offers a smooth, glossy finish.

 petg printing - tips for good quality prints | 3d print ...
I have struggled with PETG printing for a while now but I am finally getting beautiful prints – as good or better than PLA.Here are a few little PETG tricks I have learned along the way. These came about after spending countless hours watching my printer and analyzing the results.

 advanced guide to printing petg filament | user guides
PETG has a moderate printing temperature, typically printing between 230°C - 250°C. Of course the printing temperature range of PETG filaments will vary depending on which printer and filament brand you use. PETG is more susceptible to oozing and sticking to the nozzle, these characteristics can be reduced with the correct nozzle temperature.

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