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 best filament for outdoor use: is pla suitable? - 3d printerly
PLA is mostly intended to be used for indoor projects and purposes so if you are after the ideal recommendation for PLA, I wouldn’t use it outside, but PLA can be suitable for the outdoors in the right conditions.

 using pla for long-term outdoor applications – icdp
Despite many stating that PLA is not appropriate for outdoor use, which may be true for structurally critical components, the survivability may just be fine for light structural applications. The components on our weather station, for instance, are largely to hold sensors and wiring that is feather weight.

 pla use outdoors? - 3d printing stack exchange
PLA is not so good. I use ABS for outdoor here. $\endgroup$ – spicetraders Oct 25 '16 at 17:35. 3 $\begingroup$ Why does everyone keep mentioning a car? It's an outdoor sign, it does not matter how hot it gets in your car.

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 can you leave 3d prints outside? pla in the sun for a year!
I 3D Printed pots from PLA and left them outside for over a year. Did they survive? Watch to find out!Support Maker's Muse on Patreonhttps: ...

 5 best 3d printer filaments for outdoor use | 3drific
PLA materials are for the most part intend for indoor use. Post-processing 3D printed objects to last many years outdoors. Up until now, we have discussed only materials and their intrinsic ability to cope with outdoor conditions. There is, however, a simpler way to achieve the same goal. And that is through post-processing.

 how weatherproof is pla - coffee corner - ultimaker ...
Well, since making outdoor lights, I can tell you some things, I found out.... Not all pla's are sunlight resistant, after some months they might turn pale. Don't use black or dark coloured pla, even in the sparse dutch sunlight it gets to hot and becomes soft. Moisture gets in between the layers, so turns green after a while.

 pla+ for outdoor use : 3dprinting
PLA+ For Outdoor Use. I am producing parts for outdoor use (cupholders for four wheelers). They take minimal forces, but will be in the elements year round (well below freezing to over 100F/38C; rain, snow, sleet, etc; full sun). I am currently printing them in PETG, but I saw a great deal for PLA+, as well as more colors available.

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