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 petg filament - overview, step-by-step settings & problems ...
The Fan: essentially if you want the strongest possible print, print with no fan. The higher PETG filament temperature will aid super-strong layer adhesion. The molten PETG will stick to the previous layer ridiculously well. But if you need better detail, and no stringing, you really need to use 100% PETG cooling fan.

 petg filament - complete 3d printing guide [2021 ...
3. Proper Fan Control. Rapid cooling of the molten filament by increasing fan speed will ensure a clean, crisp print. A fan speed of 100% can be used to ensure the best surface resolution possible when printing PETG. If a strong print is what you are after, disabling your fan and setting the fan speed to 0% will ensure your print has great interlayer adhesion.

 petg and fan - simplify3d user forum
The extruder-fan must run, even when it does the objekt colling. PETG has properties like PLA, also a high spez weight, therefor it needs cooling but depending to the print speed and the time to print one layer. The glass-point is very deep, only round about 60 °. Over all I would say. - 1 st layer = 0. - 2 nd layer > 10 %. - 3 (to5) layer ...

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 the complete petg filament 3d printing guide | 3dsourced
The Complete PETG Filament 3D Printing Guide. PETG is a great all-around filament for 3D printing almost anything, offering a mix of the benefits offered by both PLA and ABS without any significant downsides. It’s strong, somewhat flexible, stands up well to heat, is very impact resistant without breaking, and offers a smooth, glossy finish.

 the perfect petg print settings | all3dp
The Perfect PETG Print Settings. by Miroslav Sarcevic. Updated Feb 28, 2021. Advertisement. PETG combines ABS's strength with PLA's ease of printing. Learn the best PETG print settings, including print speed and retraction settings!

 how to succeed when 3d printing with petg filament ...
PETG is an extremely common polymers used today that you likely encounter without even realizing it.Basically any clear plastic bottle is going to be made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate with a glycol modifier) and in fact many consumer 3D printers utilize PETG or some derivative to makeup their 3D printed structural components.

 best 3d printer settings for petg filament - 3d insider
PETG prints nicely and preserves a good level of detail without any cooling fan. Not having any cooling will also result in better layer-to-layer adhesion. Printing with the cooling fan turned off for the whole duration of PETG printing is perfectly fine if you don’t want to bother having to tweak its settings.

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