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 stainless steel pla | metal-filled pla filament ...
Protopasta Stainless Steel PLA filament is a dense material that prints as easily as standard PLA but results in heavy cast metal looking prints that can be brushed, sanded, or polished post-print to achieve amazing results. Using real steel powder, this premium, metal-filled steel PLA filament is perfect for jewelry, costumes, props, figurines, crafting, robots, or any other 3D prints needing ...

 stainless steel pla – protoplant, makers of proto-pasta
Our Stainless Steel PLA is quite dense compared to standard PLA. As a result, a 500 g spool of Stainless Steel PLA contains about 90 meters of filament, vs. nearly 200 meters on a 500 g spool of standard PLA. Protopasta Stainless Steel PLA prints well using standard PLA settings, however, it may have trouble getitng through smaller nozzles.

 how to succeed when 3d printing with metal pla | matterhackers
Metal-infused PLA does not make the filament take on the material properties of the metal it is infused with. Don't expect to take your stainless steel-PLA carabiner and use that to go rock climbing. These filaments are purely for decorative purposes, and in fact the powdered metal in the plastic actually makes it more brittle than the plastic alone.

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 filamento pla blu metal - tomàs3d
Filamento PLA Blu Metal quantit ... I vantaggi del PLA rispetto all’ABS sono che è estrudibile a temperature inferiori, da 200-230 °C e non emette sostanze tossiche per l’uomo (se estruso alle giuste temperature), non necessita del piano riscaldato, ...

 ultimate materials guide - 3d printing with metal filament
The presence of this metal powder makes the filament much heavier than standard plastics. This means that the parts printed with metal-filled PLA will weigh significantly more than ones from the standard PLA, despite using the same settings and consuming the same amount of material.

 mechanical and thermal analyses of metal-pla components ...
Metal additive manufacturing (AM) has gained much attention in recent years due to its advantages including geometric freedom and design complexity, appropriate for a wide range of potential industrial applications. However, conventional metal AM methods have high-cost barriers due to the initial cost of the capital equipment, support, and maintenance, etc.

 pla filaments - filaments
PLA Filaments. PLA, or polylactic acid, is the most common FDM/FFF 3D printing material available. There are many varieties and brands, but all of them are bioplastics. At colorFabb we are proud of our portfolio of enhanced PLA filaments. We don’t offer a pure, standard PLA, but modify and improve where we see a chance.

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