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 the best petg filament (2021) | top picks + buyers guide
Dikale PETG. For the first option on this list, we’ve gone for a cheaper filament for people who don’t want to spend too much money. We’ve gone for this PETG filament from Dikale for its low price and good quality. For newcomers to 3D printing or people who don’t print often, it’s wise to look for cheaper brands.

 9 best petg filament reviews and buying guide 2021
Being in the industry for 8 years now, Overtue3D is a company that knows everything to do with 3d printer filaments. A close look at the OVERTURE PETG Filament tells you exactly why this brand is one of most reputed in the market. If you want the best petg filament, then you’re looking for a product that guarantees you smooth and stable printing.

 best petg filament reviews - top 10 picks & comparison 2021
1. OVERTURE PETG Filament 1.75mm. We have this extremely versatile set of PETG filament spool that has a wide range of features. This particular brand has been manufacturing filament spools for over 8 years now. Needless to say, they have tremendous experience in this field and excel in terms of reliability.

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 best petg filament – buyer’s guide | all3dp
Here's what you need to know about the different brands and blends to find the best PETG filament for your needs. Read on for our buyer's guide.

 best brand for petg filament : 3dprinting
Microcenter sells Inland brand filament which is just eSun with a less fancy packaging and roll. Honestly the clear rolls are worth the price of going eSun for me. 3. level 2. LukeDuke. C-bot 14"^3, Makerfarm 8" i3v. 4 years ago. Their translucent red/magenta PETG is one of my favorites.

 what brand of filament does everyone recommend? – general ...
Prusament Petg (the best so far) Petg from Filament PM (very good filament for the price) Petg from rigid ink (very expensive and I spent half of the spool before getting a decent print) Ngen from colorfabb (easy to print with but it doesn't not have the strength of the petg) Easy petg from Fiberlogy (I have only one spool and it prints like ...

 what's the best brand for petg tubing? - custom loop and ...
Hey guys, Im planning on custom water cooling my PC. Right now Im stuck on choosing the tubing. I know what size I want, I just dont know what brand I should be getting. Ive heard EKs PETG tubing isnt good, and that Primochill has good PETG tubing. I might be wrong, but what are your recommendati...

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