Mintion 3D Printer Camera, Beagle Camera, WiFi Remote Control, Multiple time-Lapse Videos, Plug&Play, with Printing Notification, Support APP/Computer


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Product Description

3d printer camera

Mintion Beagle Camera, Good Partners for 3d Printing Lovers

The Beagle is an excellent watchdog with a friendly personality; they have reliable guarding and territorial instincts and are highly protective of the family members, making them a good choice for a watchdog. We hope that our Beagle Camera (3d Printer Camera) becomes a reliable printing guardian like a beagle; We are watching the printing progress from anywhere and finding the temperature abnormal to cause printing issues to avoid the waste of filament. Meanwhile, this camera is embedded with one button to auto-generation time-lapse videos to make 3d printing more fun. Upload and print directly via the remote control 3d printer camera, which can also save you time and be more convenient.

Mintion 3d Printer Camera, Plug& Play, Remote Real View and Control

3d printer camera beagleprint

3d printer camera beagleprint

Our 3d printer time-lapse camera support access by the Beagleprint App on a mobile phone or by the camera’s IP address on the computer(only for LAN access). It will be easier and more flexible to know the 3d printing status.

Multiple Time-lapse Video Modes to Meet Different Needs

Timer time lapse mode

Timer time lapse mode

There are 3 video modes to meet your needs which auto-generate beautiful time-lapse videos. With Mintion 3d printer camera, everyone can be a creator. Note: timer time-lapse video mode works without connecting the printer.

Everything is Under Your Control with Beagleprint APP

notification of beagle camera

notification of beagle camera

With the push notifications for printing complete, pause, and off, you can know the printing status in time to avoid any accidents. Please make sure your firmware is 1.1.6 or above and give the notification permission for the phone.

Support Mobile Phone & Computer Browser

3d printer camera

3d printer camera

After connecting the camera and login Beagleprint APP, you can also find the IP address of the camera and log in to the computer. You can also use the share function to log in to multiple devices.

Wide Compatibility& Multiple Management By Beagleprint APP

3d printer camera mintion beagle camera

3d printer camera mintion beagle camera

The Beagle camera is compatible with major popular FDM 3d printers in the market now. With regular firmware upgrading, the camera is evolving with more 3d printers and slicers in compatibility. Please Keep upgrading the firmware for more features. The list below is for the camera firmware of 1.1.7 or above.

Compatible 3d Printers & Slicer Software List

Ender 2 Pro / Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro / Ender 3 Neo / Ender 3 V2 / Ender 3 V2 Neo / Ender 3 Max / Ender 3 Max Neo / Ender 3 S1 / Ender 3 S1 Pro / Ender 3 S1 Plus / Ender 5 / Ender 5 Pro / Ender 5 Plus / Ender 7 / CR-5 Pro / CR-6 SE / CR-10 / CR-10S / CR-10 V2 / CR-10 V3 / CR-10 Max / CR-10 Smart/Pro (Take off the wifi box) / CR-20 Pro / CR-200B

Prusa i3 MK3S+ / Mini+ | Snapmaker A350T / A250T / F350T / F250T

i3 Mega S / i3 Mega X / Vyper / Kobra / Kobra Max / Kobra Plus / Kobra Go / Kobra Neo / Chiron

Aquila / Aquila C2 / Aquila X2 / Aquila S2 | Elegoo Neptune / 2 / 2D / 2S / 3 / Neptune 3 Pro / Neptune 3 Plus

Sidewinder X1 / X2 / Genius / Genius Pro / Hornet | Sovol SV01 / SV02 / SV03 / SV06

Two Tree/Monoprice
Two Tree BLU-5 / BLU-3 V2 / SP-5 / SP-3 | Monoprice Mini Delta / Mini Select V2

Geeetech Mizar S / A20 /A20M | Mingda Magician X / Magician Max / Magician Pro

Others Compatible Printers
BIQU BX | Bigtree SKR Mini E3 V2.0 / V3.0 Mainboards | Longer LK4 PRO / LK5 PRO | Wanhao D12 230 | Tevo HYDRA | Fokoos ODIN-5 F3 | Kingroon KP3S | iSUN_FLX3 | Kywoo Tycoon / Tycoon Slim | Sunlu S8 Plus / Terminator 3 | Tenlog Hands 2 / TL-D3 Pro | Wizmaker P1 | Eryone ER-20 | JGAURORA A5S

Compatible Slicers List
Ultimaker Cura / Creality Slicer / Simplify3D / Prusaslicer / Superslicer

【SUPPORT MULTY TIME-LAPSE VIDEO MODES】Mintion 3d printer camera can auto-generate pretty cool time-lapse videos without any settings. And there are 3 modes for your choice—especially the timer time-lapse mode which can be used without connecting the printer. To be the producer of cool videos, share your creativity easily.
【PLUG AND PLAY, WIFI CONNECTION】Just 3 steps to start. Power on the remote camera, and download the Beagleprint APP, connect the wifi and Printer. A Good choice for 3d printer beginners, and an alternative for experienced players.
【UPLOAD FILE AND PRINT VIA Beagleprint APP&PC】Beagleprint camera is built in a 32G sd card, all preparation work can be finished in-app or computer,just upload G-code files and click the print icon to start. No need to insert and remove the sd card of printers repeatedly, the smooth workflow of the beagle 3d camera revolutionizes the way you print.
【COMPATIBLE WITH MAJORITY MARLIN 3D PRINTERS】The Beagle camera is compatible with the majority of FDM 3d printers in the market now. We will keep upgrading the firmware to evolve with more 3d printers and slicers, for more features. PAY ATTENTION: please make sure your printers are in the compatible list before making orders.