Price: $356.49
(as of Sep 09, 2023 23:26:40 UTC – Details)

< Spec:
Item Type: 3D Printer
Material: Alloy Steel
Small Memory Card: Installed on the product
Plug Voltage: 110V 220V
Rated Power: 200W
Power Supply: 24V 12.5A 300W
Print Size: Approx. 200x200x200mm/7.9×7.9×7.9in
System Requirements: for Win7-10, for OS X, for Linux
Software Support: for Cura, for Slice, for Host, etc.
Language Support: CN DE EN RU JP FR IT
Molding Technology: for FDM
Number of Nozzle: 1
Nozzle Diameter: Approx. 0.4mm/0.02in
Print Accuracy: 0.05-0.3mm
Consumable Diameter: Approx. 1.75mm/0.07in
Print Material: PLA WOOD TPU
Nozzle Temperature: ≤260℃
Hot Bed Temperature: ≤110℃
Maximum Moving Speed: ≤200mm/s
Maximum Printing Speed: ≤100mm/s
Recommended Speed: 20-60mm/s
Printing Method: USB TIF Storage Card
File Format: STL Obj Gcode
Continue Printing After Power Failure: Support
Power Failure Detection: Support
Automatic Leveling: Support installation of for 3D touch

How to Use:
Please perform dust removing maintenance and lubricate the printer monthly.

1 x 3D Printer
1 x Screw Rod
1 x Screw Rod Storage Box
2 x Material Rack
1 x Consumable
1 x Power Cable
1 x Diagonal Pliers
4 x Hex Wrench
2 x Open End Wrench
1 x Card Reader
1 x Nozzle
1 x Through Needle
1 x Needle Storage Box
1 x USB Cable
2 x T Nut
3 x M5x8 Screw
3 x M5x30 Screw
1 x Hook and Loop Fastener
1 x TPFE Tube

Effortlessly print objects up to 200x200x200mm in size.SHORT RANGE EXTRUSION: This 3D printer adopts short range extrusion structure, with printing accuracy twice as high as remote extrusion, greater extrusion force, easier feeding, can print soft consumables such as TPU.
Automatic leveling ensures perfect prints every time.LARGE AREA: The printing size has been upgraded to 200x200x200mm, making it easy to print models with larger sizes and complex structures.
Short range extrusion results in clean and efficient prints.HIGH ACCURACY: The carbon crystal silicon glass printing platform, coupled with efficient and uniform heating heat bed, maintains the flatness of the platform within 0.1mm, ensuring the accuracy of the printing model.
Ideal for FDM 3D printing enthusiasts of all levels.DUAL FAN: The extrusion head adopts a 3010 fan and a 5015 blower, which can cool and dissipate heat in all directions without dead ends, effectively assist in molding cooling.