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Product Description

PLA 3D Printer filament is the best filament when just starting out or for veteran 3D printers


Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 3.00 mm, Black

Polylactic acid is the gold standard for most thermoplastic printing applications. Formulated with plant-based materials and polymers, this non-toxic, low-odor material does not require the use of a heated bed.

Features & Benefits

pla roll contains a 1 kg spool at 1.75 mm filament diameter and dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03 mm

pla roll contains a 1 kg spool at 1.75 mm filament diameter and dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03 mm

    Tech Spec

Each package of PLA Black contains a 1 kg (~2.20 lbs) spool at 3.00 mm filament diameter with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03 mm). We recommend printing at a nozzle temperature of 180┬░C – 210┬░C (356┬░F – 410┬░F).

hatchbox provides the tools for innovation to artist, engineers, designers, architects and many more


Make more than just models with 3D printing! Design and bring to life your inventions and other functional pieces for use in everyday applications like custom phone cases, wallets, salt shakers, sculptures, candle holders, dog tags and tons more. The sky’s the limit! Your creativity begins with Hatchbox filament.

hatchbox 3d is the leading manufacturer of high-quality pla, best known for its printing consistency





Polylactic acid is loved for its easy, odorless printing with minimal warping. With no heated bed necessary, Hatchbox PLA is a green-friendly choice that can be used with many styles of printing to create strong, smooth and glossy prints in a variety of bold colors.

pla filament can not only print 3d models, but also print real working products and prototypes alike



At Hatchbox, we are proud to provide the tools you need to innovate in life and in work whether a seasoned printer or just starting out. We help you push your ideas forward with the best in 3D printing materials so you can make your designs a reality.

abs key features include strong and durable, easy to use and higher temperature resistance than pla


hatchbox 3D filaments are known for their high-quality prints, clog, bubble and tangle-free printinghatchbox takes the time to produce highly reliable filament to save you time and money


abs key features include strong and durable, easy to use and higher temperature resistance than pla


Hatchbox 3D filaments Quality

Hatchbox 3D filaments are loved by the printing community for their high-quality composition, offering clog, bubble and tangle-free printing. Every spool is assured to offer the highest caliber of performance possible. ThatÔÇÖs the Hatchbox promise.

Hatchbox 3D filaments Materials

No matter what your latest project calls for, we have a filament to suit any need, from heat resistance and durability, to flexibility and odorless extrusion. Our exhaustive catalog provides the choices you want to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

Hatchbox 3D filaments Colors

One of the most important factors of any print comes down to color. Hatchbox 3D colors are bold and vibrant. Mix and match bright primaries and nuanced hues with gloss, textured, sparkle, transparent, and even wood and marble-mimicking filaments.

Hatchbox 3D filaments Reliability

Trust all of your prints to Hatchbox! We strive to make 3D printing an enjoyable and error-free process for our customers. ThatÔÇÖs why each filament is carefully formulated and thoroughly tested to save you time and effort every time you print.

Hatchbox PLA Black

3D Filament Type  PLA

1 KG (approximately 2.20 lbs.) Spool
3.00mm Filament Diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03mm)
PLA (Polylactic Acid) 3D Printer Filament Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant
Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature 180┬░C – 210┬░C (356┬░F – 410┬░F)
Spool Diameter: 7.88″ – Spool Width: 2.69″ – Spool Hub Hole Diameter: 2.20″