AmeraLabs TGM-7 3D Printer Resin for 4K/8K/12K LCD/DLP/SLA UV Resin 3D Printers – Tough, High Resolution, Low Odor, Fast Curing Printing Liquid, 405nm, Great for Tabletop Miniatures, 1L (Clear)


Price: $89.00
(as of Oct 09, 2023 03:40:02 UTC – Details)

Durable – outstanding durability of 8k resin 3D printed miniatures and a bit of flex ensures they won’t break during shipping, painting, and tabletop gaming sessions.
High detailed – printer resin brings to life even the slightest expressions of your resin miniatures. If you sell your miniatures, your customers will be impressed.
Hard non-sticky surface – after short post-curing, miniatures will have a hard surface that is pleasant to touch and easy to paint.
Customer support – producer of this resin guarantees personal support to every resin user until they get consistently good prints. You have to reach out!