3D printing without prior knowledge: 7 days to your first 3D print
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3D printing without prior knowledge: 7 days to your first 3D print


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3D printing without prior knowledge – 7 days to your first 3D print

2 in 1: You will receive the eBook in PDF format free of charge when you buy the paperback!

Wouldn’t you also like to own your own 3D printer and realise your ideas quickly and easily?

No problem – this 3D printing guide will help you understand the basic workings of a 3D printer in no time.

This guide covers the basics of 3D printing. Real practical examples help to understand the technology.

With the help of this beginner’s guide, many satisfied readers have already been able to get into the subject matter and expand their own skills – see for yourself!

Advantages of this book:

  • Simply explained – written in a way that everyone can understand
  • To the point – 105 pages in a practical pocketbook format
  • Proximity to everyday life – real practical examples
  • Clearly arranged and structured – important reminders are highlighted
  • Bonus chapter

What the book contains:

  •  How does a 3D printer work?
  •  Which printer is best for me? -> including concrete purchase advice!
  •  From the idea to the machine code -> Where do I find models, what programs are available?
  •  From machine code to 3D printing
  •  The 10 most frequent causes of faults and their remedies
  •  Bonus: Gift idea: individual lithophane pictures

Don’t hesitate any longer! Order the guide now and you will soon understand the basics of 3D printing!