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Creality expands its portfolio with the new 3D printer K1C: technical specifications and prices

Creality expands its portfolio with the new 3D printer K1C: technical specifications and prices

3D printer manufacturer Creality launched the new K1C 3D printer in 2023, expanding its K1 3D printer series that has been well received by consumers for its speed and user-friendly setup.

The K1C builds on the success of its predecessor and introduces improvements such as a reliable extrusion system, improved filament compatibility and new features such as an AI camera and air filter. “The introduction of the K1C is a sign of our continued commitment to refining the 3D printing experience, focusing on practical upgrades and user-friendly features. The success of this latest addition to the K1 series will depend on how well it meets user expectations and integrates into the broader 3D printing community,” says Creality.

The K1C 3D printer is a prosumer device, the true champion in speed and capability. Photo via Creality.

Shape tomorrow with increased precision

The K1C includes an all-metal extruder kit that is rated for 1000 hours of clog-free extrusion. Equipped with a support spring and a ball plunger, the extruder ensures a secure hold on the filament. The integration of the hardened steel “Unicorn” nozzle expands the possibilities for processing carbon fiber-filled filaments such as PLA-CF and PETG-CF, which are commonly used in industrial environments due to their mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

Following on from the K1, the K1C features an improved cooling system that aims to minimize wobbling and reduce potential printing defects such as ghosting or ringing. The dynamically balanced hotend and part cooling fans on the printhead help keep the system focused on delivering high quality prints.

The K1C 3D printer has a significant build volume. Photo via Creality.

The K1C is pre-assembled and offers users a plug-and-play experience. Similar to turning on a new smartphone, the startup instructions simplify the initial setup. Automatic calibration eliminates the need for manual leveling tests, and the addition of an AI camera enables real-time monitoring, error alerts and time-lapse recording, making the user experience even more convenient.

The K1C’s silent mode promises a quiet printing experience and keeps the noise level below 45 dB. The built-in activated carbon filter aims to purify compounds and particles released during printing, ensuring a safe environment for users working near the 3D printer. Practical features such as the elimination of individual misprints during batch printing and safety improvements such as damper hinges and pre-installed dampening pads further contribute to the user-friendly design of the 3D printer.

Optimized print head for carbon fiber printing. Photo via Creality.

The K1C adheres to Creality’s commitment to open source principles for both its hardware and software, the company said. The 3D printer runs on the Klipper-based Creality operating system and allows for advanced features and customization options. The Creality Print Slicer has features such as intelligent cooling, optimal retraction and slim tree supports. Additionally, it supports LAN-based print farm management. Additionally, the Creality Cloud platform complements the ecosystem by providing users with a repository of free 3D models and enabling cloud printing.

Technical characteristics and prices of the Creality K1C 3D printer

Pre-orders for the K1C 3D printer begin on January 25th and interested customers can secure their devices through the Creality Store, Amazon and authorized distributors abroad. The initial price on the Creality Store starts at $559/£539/€599, and a significant 5% discount applies across all channels, including the official store and Amazon.

Model K1C
Printing technology FDM
Build volume 220x220x250mm
Product dimensions 355x355x482mm
Supported filaments PLA-CF, PA-CF, PET-CF, ABS, PLA, PETG, PET, TPU, PA, ABS, ASA, PC
Build surface Flexible PEI building board
Heated bed temperature ≤100℃
Nozzle temperature ≤300℃
jet Integrated three-metal nozzle
Print speed 300mm/s
Max. print speed ≤600mm/s, ≤20000mm/s²
Display screen 4.3″ color touchscreen
extruder All-metal direct drive extruder
Do you have a room Yes
air cleaner Yes
Sleep mode Yes

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The picture shown shows the Creality K1C 3D printer. Photo via Creality.