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Pakistani man wows internet by making jalebis using 3D printer nozzle

Pakistani man wows internet by making jalebis using 3D printer nozzle

The rise of food vloggers has led to an explosion in culinary experimentation, with street vendors becoming known for their innovative fusion cuisines.

However, recently a man from Pakistan surprised the internet with a modern twist on the traditional Indian dessert jalebis. Using a 3D printer nozzle, this sweet shop owner from Faisalabad has revolutionized jalebi making.

Perfectly shaped jalebis made with a 3D printer nozzle

A video shared by tech enthusiast Aryan Bharat on X (formerly Twitter) garnered a lot of attention.

With the caption “Who the hell would have thought that using a 3D printer’s nozzle would be a good idea to make jalebis?”, the post sparked widespread appreciation for the innovative approach of the shopkeeper, known in his neighborhood as Pippal Bata Jalebi Wala is.

Representative image| UNTIL

The viral video shows the man using the nozzle of a 3D printer outside his sweet shop to make the spiral design of jalebis. This method sped up his work and ensured a consistent and error-free form at every opportunity.

Indians are amazed by the unique method of making jalebi

Many Indian users were amazed by the process and called it “Robotic Jalebi”. Some even inquired about purchasing the technology for their robotic arms, seeing it as a milestone on the path to the singularity.

Aryan Bharat further explained the process in a follow-up comment, mentioning the simplicity of the setup. While some admired the creativity, others questioned its practicality and compared the result to “sweet noodles.”

Since being posted on the microblogging site, the video has received over 860,000 views and 8,000 likes.

The innovative use of 3D printers in cooking goes beyond jalebis. These printers can precisely create intricate designs and shapes, offering endless possibilities for food presentation.

From customized chocolates to elaborate cake decorations, 3D printers are revolutionizing the way food is prepared and served by combining technology with culinary creativity.

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