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Watch: Street Vendor Uses 3D Printer Nozzle to Make Jalebis |  Trending News

Watch: Street Vendor Uses 3D Printer Nozzle to Make Jalebis | Trending News

Street food experiments have always found traction on social media. In one such process, a man is seen using a 3D printer nozzle to make the beloved Indian Sweet jalebis. This street vendor’s attempt to combine technology and tradition has won over social media users, with many expressing admiration for his ingenuity.

The viral video shared by @AryamanBharat on the social media platform

The post with the caption “Who the hell would have thought that a 3D printer nozzle would be a good idea to make jalebis?” has received 6,83,000 views and more than 5,000 likes on X.

Watch the video below:

Reactions online were quick, with many praising the seller’s ingenuity while others questioned the authenticity of the dish prepared this way.

Despite the polarizing opinions, the video has sparked a broader discussion about the intersection between technology and hospitality, highlighting the immense possibilities that arise when innovation meets tradition.

One user commented: “Where can we buy this?” Will be adding it to our robot arm! Robotic Jalebi is one of the major milestones for Singularity!” Another added: “More like sweet noodles.” An impressed third user wrote: “That’s a pretty wild attempt to use a 3D printer nozzle to make jalebis! “It’s clear that whoever came up with this idea was adventurous and creative, but perhaps he didn’t fully consider the practicality of it all.”

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First uploaded on: 21-02-2024 at 09:52 IST