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The Best Food Grade 3D Printer Filaments in 2024

The Best Food Grade 3D Printer Filaments in 2024

Filamentive offers a wide range of food grade filaments including ABS, ASA and PETG. However, not all colors of these materials comply with ESFA regulations. For example, your ASA comes in three classic colors (black, gray and white), but only the white version is certified as food-safe.

If you’re looking for a darker, food-safe filament, take a look at ABS. Although it lacks UV resistance, black ABS is a suitable choice if your printed parts or model require strength.

If you are looking for more color variety and resistance to sunlight, food-safe (r)PETg from Filamentive is a clear alternative. Food-safe options include clear, black and dark blue. However, it is important to note that PETG may not reach the strength of ASA or ABS, which represents a compromise.

At the time of writing, some of the food-safe certified colors in ABS and ASA are rare, but all three PETG colors are commercially available.

  • Color: Black, transparent and blue
  • Sizes: 1.75mm (0.75kg, 1kg)
  • Recommended settings: Hot end 195-235°C, heated bed 50-80°C
  • Price: ∼$40/kg