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Teenager “arms” himself with 3D printer, police arrest 14-year-old

Santa Rosa Police Department officers made a surprising discovery in a quiet neighborhood when they arrested a 14-year-old high school student on charges of making firearms using a 3D printer. A search warrant at the teen’s home on Summer Creek Drive turned up a spooky set of tools fit for a gunsmith: a 3D printer, a partially finished firearm, ammunition and materials associated with the gang.

The Gang Crimes Team’s diligent work unraveled a thread that led them to Montgomery High School, where the suspect attended. Investigators acted quickly and coordinated with school officials to remove the student from class without causing a scene. Authorities reported that no weapons were found on the student at school or in his locker, but the contents of the locker supported allegations of gang involvement.

In a narrative all too common in American history, young people are entangled in the criminal justice system for making and possessing deadly weapons. Santa Rosa police laid out the charges against the young suspect: possession of an unencrypted firearm, possession of a handgun by a minor and unlawful manufacture of a firearm, supplemented by a gang enhancement clause.

The Santa Rosa Police Department’s rapid response has sparked a discussion about juvenile crime and the need for preventative measures to curb these emerging threats to community safety.