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Mintek acquires a laser 3D printer for producing metal powder

Mintek acquires a laser 3D printer for producing metal powder

National Mineral Research Council Mintek has acquired a three-dimensional (3D) laser powder bed fusion printer, positioning the organization as a unique player in the mineral processing and manufacturing industry.

The machine, called GE Additive Concept Laster Mlab Cusing R, allows Mintek to efficiently process a variety of materials into metal powder.

This development recognizes the country’s dependence on imported metal powder and makes Mintek a leader in this area of ​​the industry in South Africa. It complements Mintek’s existing atomization capabilities.

The 3D printer in the arsenal completes the value chain. Using the metal powder produced by the rePowder ultrasonic atomization and alloy development machine, Mintek is now focused on producing metal components and prototypes for a wide range of industries.

Mintek today manufactures components for the medical, dental, aerospace and automotive industries, as well as tools for jewelry, power generation, petrochemical, rail and maritime applications.

CEO Dr The taxpayer Motuku says the new acquisition demonstrates Mintek’s commitment to globally competitive infrastructure. “This ensures that we remain relevant and attractive to partners in the industry. The acquisition underlines Mintek’s focus on scientific excellence and technological advancement and further strengthens our reputation as a world-class solutions provider in mineral technology,” he added.

A key advantage of this technology is the continuous expansion of the range of metals and alloys that can be produced – it allows Mintek to produce parts with different mechanical properties.

Mintek’s chief physical metallurgy engineer, Dr Hein Möller says that purchasing the 3D printer in combination with Mintek’s atomizers gives Mintek a significant advantage. “The custom parts and prototypes produced using Mintek’s metal 3D printer will meet a variety of urgent and cost-sensitive needs,” notes Moller.

Mintek continues to strengthen South Africa’s international reputation in science and innovation.