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3D printer accessories: The best shops in 2024

3D printer accessories: The best shops in 2024

In 2017, Tim Hoogland introduced the EZABL kit to the 3D printing hobbyist market. The bed leveling set quickly grew in popularity and became the best-selling product. Since then, TH3D Studio has grown into a one-stop shop for 3D printer filament and accessories. Their extensive catalog includes electronic parts such as LCD screens, automatic bed levelers and control boards, as well as mechanical parts such as bearings, fans, nozzles and beds for a wide range of printer brands.

On the filament side, the US-based company has a nice selection of PLA, ABS and PETG, in addition to more exotic filaments such as nylon, ASA and flexible filaments. You’ll even find some sparkly glitter options if you look for them.

In addition to filaments and parts, TH3D has a customer-focused 3D printer support service where trained professionals can help you troubleshoot problems with well-known brand printers. This could be useful for new hobbyists who may need help setting up or troubleshooting their machines.

Makers can join the TH3D community, which includes a Discord server where they can share prints, ask questions, and meet other enthusiasts. There are also detailed YouTube tutorials that walk you through the entire process, from setting up your printer to installing firmware and other upgrades.

  • Products: Printer parts, tools, accessories and filaments can be purchased on the website.
  • An order: No account is required to purchase.
  • Shipment: TH3D Studio ships to most countries, with free shipping on orders over $60.
  • Returns and Exchanges: Returns can be made within 30 days.