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3D printer manufacturer now offers bio-based, recyclable printing materials

3D printer manufacturer now offers bio-based, recyclable printing materials

Photo credit: Sulapac

The Industry, a Finnish manufacturer of large format 3D printers, now offers its customers the patented bio-based and recyclable Sulapac materials. This partnership aims to enable companies to have a positive impact on the environment while increasing efficiency and exceeding customer expectations.

The collaboration between Helsinki-based materials innovation company Sulapac and Swedish 3D printing expert The Industry opens up new avenues for circular economy and climate protection. It combines top expertise in the development of biomaterials and industrial technology with shared values ​​such as innovation, sustainability and quality.

Manufacturing with The Industry’s next-generation 3D printers is a highly efficient process that eliminates production waste, minimizes energy consumption and enables flexible, local, on-demand production. Choosing sustainable Sulapac as a printing material instead of traditional plastic reduces customers’ environmental footprint even further.

Sulapac materials are made from biodegradable biopolymers and sustainable fillers such as wood from industrial side streams and have a low carbon footprint. They are safe for people and the planet throughout their life cycle and do not leave behind persistent microplastics or toxic substances. Additionally, Sulapac materials are inherently recyclable and can be manufactured with recycled content.

In addition to environmental responsibility requirements, materials selected for The Industry materials library must meet strictly defined technical criteria. Sulapac Flow 1.7, a beautiful wood composite, and Sulapac Universal Heat 30, a bio-based material with good heat resistance and the ability to withstand high pressure, have performed extremely well in extensive industry testing for both mechanical properties and workability.

“We are very proud of our partnership with Sulapac due to the exceptional quality of their materials and their seamless compatibility with our MAGNUM printer,” says Jonas Carlsson, CEO of The Industry Sweden. “Because we always strive to give our customers the best. We firmly believe that materials like Sulapac will have a strong positive impact on sustainable global production.

“In our experience, modern companies are constantly looking for new materials that can provide a premium look and feel,” adds Carlsson. “After carrying out several tests with our MAGNUM printer, we can say without a doubt that Sulapac has managed to meet expectations and we can only foresee a positive increase in demand for their materials in various industries that use additive Manufacturing technologies work.”

Sulapac Flow 1.7 and Universal Heat 30, both food contact grade and industrially compostable, are now recommended feedstocks for MAGNUM printers, the industry’s flagship product. Companies can also order printed products from Sulapac.

Sulapac can be used for 3D printed furniture, prototypes, machine parts and design items and more. Sulapac Universal Heat finds other applications including industrial molds for die casting, cement casting, die casting and die casting.

“Thanks to the collaboration with The Industry, we have begun to explore the diverse possibilities of Sulapac materials in 3D printing,” says Emmi Randell, Head of Business Development at Sulapac. “Their technical fit and unparalleled sustainability features, combined with the many benefits of 3D printing, offer endless possibilities for companies ready to lead the way to a cleaner future.”