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Creality introduces the new “prosumer” 3D printer K1C

Creality introduces the new “prosumer” 3D printer K1C

With 2024 set to be a big year in 3D printing, with technology really on the rise and printers much more set up and ready to use than ever before, Creality has announced its new KlC machine, updating the popular K1 many times over.

We’ve already covered how you can 3D print amazing 3D models for your gaming room and cosplay needs over the past few weeks. If that piques your interest, the K1C will be available from January 25th on Amazon or through Creality itself. There you will even find a K1C with the FC Bayern Munich logo!

As a fully enclosed unit, the K1C comes pre-assembled for plug-and-play, according to Creality. When you first start the printer, it will go through automatic calibration and bed leveling before it is ready for use.

One of the most unpleasant aspects of the 3D printing hobby is constantly leveling your bed with a piece of paper, and Creality promises that this will be a thing of the past with the K1C.

Since it’s simply not possible for a product launch in 2024 without mention of AI, the K1C is equipped with an AI camera in the chamber that monitors your printing process and notifies you if something goes wrong, hopefully giving you filament and Blockages save nozzles.

A silent mode allows you to set the device to less than 45 dB, which Creality says is as loud as turning the pages of a book!

Perhaps most importantly, a carbon filter filters out any harmful substances created when plastic melts and prevents them from settling in your lungs.

We’re still not sure if we would ever sleep in the same room with a printer, but if so, these things would all help. We look forward to taking a closer look soon.

The Klipper-based Creality K1C will be available from January 29th, priced at $559 / £539

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