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The Blastoise humidifier shows us that you don't need a 3D printer when you're so good with a 3D pen

The Blastoise humidifier shows us that you don’t need a 3D printer when you’re so good with a 3D pen

[3D SANAGO] is somewhat of a master at using a 3D printing pen. Her latest job was fixing a broken humidifier and giving it a Pokémon-themed makeover. It’s an education in what can be achieved with a tool that many of us simply dismiss as a novelty.

The basic idea of ​​the build was to create a Blastoise figure that would act as a humidifier. The work begins with drawing a floor plan on a round stone. The 3D pen is then used to create a tortoiseshell with the appropriate concave shape directly on the rock. [3D SANAGO] It also shows how a simple plastic framework can be heated with a blowtorch and shaped around the stone as needed to create gentle curves. Meanwhile, a simple marker pen serves as a template for designing the gun barrels on Blastoise’s back. The legs are made using a similar technique, but with expert manipulation with a blowtorch to transform them into stocky, muscular shapes.

The full figure is constructed gradually, with individual wireframe components being assembled into a complete body. The gaps in the frame are then filled in by hand, which takes a lot of time; [3D SANAGO] calls it “easily the most boring.” The extensive post-processing is then carried out using various grinding tools and the tip of a soldering iron blade. The latter is used because the melting effect creates a smooth final surface. In contrast, subtractive methods such as sanding leave holes and depressions that must be filled before painting. Numerous sealants also need to be applied before painting to ensure that Blastoise’s interior can absorb water without leaking. The internal components are then installed and the body is shaped into its final cartoon shape. In case you’re wondering: [3D SANAGO] says it took 2-3 days of sanding to achieve such a great result.

If you really like it, it’s on display here [3D SANAGO’s] Cafe in Daejeon. Overall, it’s amazing to see such craftsmanship with a 3D pen. A resin printer could of course print a wonderful Blastoise of similar quality, but it’s just fascinating to watch the level of human skill involved. Video after the break.

[Thanks to Inne for the tip!]