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Best result for: raise 3d filament

  • High performance 3D Printing Filaments | Raise3D

    1. Choose Right Material 2. Find Suitable Printer 3. Get Slicing Profiles Choose the Right 3D Printing Filament Raise3D offers a range of 3D printing filaments for any kind of project. Click here to get more information on each type filament and find which one best suits your needs. Choose Right Material Explore 3D Printing Application

  • Filaments – Raise3D: Reliable, Industrial Grade 3D Printer

    Choose the Right 3D Slicing Software After choosing the right 3D printing filament and 3D printer, it is time to choose a 3D slicing software. ideaMaker is a user-friendly 3D slicer from Raise3D that offers a range of functions to accommodate users who are new to 3D printing as well as those who are more experienced.

  • Compatible 3D Printing Filaments – OFP | Raise3D

    Raise3D’s OFP (Open Filament Program) continuously collaborates with third-party filament manufacturers to identify and select top performing filaments for Raise3D printers. Now, OFP has entered phase 2.0, providing specific industrial-grade filament with guaranteed mechanical properties and printing performance.

  • Raise3D Hyper Speed PLA Filament

    Raise3D Hyper Speed PLA Filament Need accessories to go with your 3d printer? Check our Top 6 Essential 3D Printer Accessories. Raise3D Hyper Speed PLA Filament Hyper Speed PLA filament is specifically designed to be used with the Hyper FFF ® solution from the Hyper speed filament line.

  • Raise3D Premium PLA Filament | 3D Printing Supplies | 3D Printer | Raise3D

    $ 34.99 Color: White (PMS: WHITEC / RAL: WHITE) Specification: 1.75 mm / 1 kg Need accessories to go with your 3d printer? Check our Top 6 Essential 3D Printer Accessories. Raise3D Premium PLA Filament PLA or Polylactic acid is a bio-degradable industrial thermoplastic, which is easy to print, durable and relatively strong.

  • Raise3D – Stampanti 3D professionali – Help3D

    Raise3D è una emergente azienda produttrice di stampanti 3D, che negli ultimi anni si è imposta nel mercato professionale Desktop. Ha creato un vero e proprio ecosistema, abbinando alle stampanti 3D un potentissimo slicer chiamato IdeaMaker (incluso e gratuito) e una gestione in cloud di tutti i processi di stampa con RaiseCloud.Le stampanti sono facilissime da utilizzare e integrano al loro …

  • Download 3D Printing Software and files | Raise3D

    Download 3D Printing Software and files | Raise3D Download Center ideaMaker Below is ideaMaker 4.3.3 version. (Stable Version) ideaMaker 4.3.3 Added 7 new filaments and 18 templates, and the ability to import customized templates of third-party filaments for Raise3D E2CF. Please report to if you encounter any problem. Windows

  • Pro3 Dual Extruder 3D printer | Raise3D

    Agile Production Made Simple Forged from the Pro2 Series, Raise3D’s newly launched Pro3 Series professional dual extruder 3D printers meet the needs of both production and multi-sized rapid prototyping, with high precision and round-the-clock stable operation.

  • Support Center | Raise 3D Technologies Inc

    If your PVA+ filament absorbs moisture and becomes wet, the filament will become soft and sticky. When printing PVA filament, hissing and popping noises will occur and the model will warp, have bubble, get stringing, and even block the hot end. To get a totally dried PVA+ filament, you need to use a drying oven to dry it at 80°C for 6-8 hours.

  • Hochleistungs-3D-Druck-Filamente | Raise3D

    Raise3D bietet eine Reihe von 3D-Druck-Filamenten für jede Art von Projekt. Klicken Sie hier, um mehr über die einzelnen Filamenttypen zu erfahren und das optimale Filament für Ihre Zwecke zu finden. Den richtigen Werkstoff wählen. Choose Right Material 3D-Druck-Anwendungen entdecken Skyzer: Long-term Production of Custom Fixtures in-house