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Best result for: igus 3d printing filament

Best result for: igus 3d printing filament

  • Filamento per stampante 3D | igus

    igumid P150-PF, filamento stampa 3D. Estremamente robusto e rigido con rinforzo in fibra. Adatto per componenti strutturali e componenti multi-materiali. Resistenza alla flessione 87 MPa, modulo di flessione 5 GPa. Ideale per costruzioni leggere. Riduzione della massa grazie all'elevata resistenza e all'elevata rigiditĆ .

  • 3D Printing Filament | igusĀ®

    igumidĀ® P190-PF, 3D print filament. Extremely robust and rigid with carbon fibre reinforcement. Suitable for structural components and multi-material components. Flexural strength up to 237 MPa, flexural modulus of elasticity of up to 11.5 GPa, improved strength in z-direction. Ideal for lightweight construction: low density of 1.25g/cmĀ³.

  • Materiali per la stampa 3D | igusĀ®

    I materiali per la stampa 3D di igusĀ® sono piĆ¹ resistenti all'abrasione dei materiali per la stampa 3D convenzionali Esenti da lubrificazione Esenti da manutenzione Consegna da 24h. … filament for 3D printing. Extremely robust and rigid with carbon fibre reinforcement; Suitable for structural components and multi-material components;

  • Tribo Filament | Spezial Filament | igusĀ®

    Shipping and consultation. In person: Monday to Friday from 7 am – 8 pm. Saturdays from 8 am- 12 pm. Online: 24h. iglidurĀ® 3D print filaments are special filaments for special requirements. They have lower coefficients of friction than conventional 3D printing materials and are suitable for special tasks depending on the material.

  • iglidurĀ® i150, filament for 3D printing – igus

    iglidurĀ® i150, filament for 3D printing. 1 of 3. Easy to process. High abrasion resistance at low surface speeds. Good mechanical properties. Suitable for all 3D printers (material profile available for Bambu Lab X1C and Prusa MK3/MK4) Food compliant according to EU Regulation 10/2011. Also on large spools for large-format 3D printers.

  • iglideĀ® I150-PF, filament for 3D printing – igus

    iglideĀ® I150-PF filament for 3D printing Our tribologically optimized filaments are up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than standard 3D print materials. This results in higher levels of effectiveness. So you can produce prototypes and small series more quickly and cost effectively.

  • Browse all of our 3D Printing Materials | igusĀ®

    3D printing materials from igusĀ® are especially advantageous in moving applications due to their abrasion resistance and durability with a service life tested by our test laboratory.Our 3D printing materials include special filaments for 3D printing with the fused deposition modelling/fused filament fabrication method (FDM/FFF), plastics for selective laser sintering (SLS), 3D printing resin …

  • 3D printing with wear-resistant polymers – igus

    Yes, igusĀ® has developed a tribologically optimised 3D printing resin for processing on DLP and LCD printers. It is particularly well suited to manufacturing very small components with fine details and smooth surfaces. Wear-resistant parts made from this resin can be ordered in the 3D printing service.

  • 3D Printing Materials Tested for High-Wear Rates | igusĀ®

    Contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 521-2747 to discuss your project today! Contact an Expert. Learn more about 3d printing materials from igusĀ®, consisting of high-performance iglideĀ® polymer which can produce components that have 50x better wear rates.

  • igumidĀ® P190, filament for 3D printing

    igumid P190 can be purchased as filament for processing with your own printer or ordered at Servizio di stampa in 3D online via STEP file as a stand-alone component or as a 2K component in combination with iglidur i190.Because of the abrasive fibres, the used printer to process the filament should have a wear-resistant (for example hardened) nozzle and extruder pinion.