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Best result for: 3d filament spool dimensions

Best result for: 3d filament spool dimensions

  • 3D printer filament spool sizes | iDig3Dprinting

    3D printer filament spool sizes Whilst filament spool dimensions appear to be converging on a standard, there is still not complete uniformity so please take a look at the below table to ensure that the filament brand will work with your 3D printer.

  • 3D Printer Spool Guide | Makeshaper

    MakeShaper decided to help you out with this useful guide. Keep in mind that these numbers may not be perfect, but they put you in the ballpark at least. Filament Length by Spool Weight MakeShaper's Spool Dimensions While many of the spools available for purchase are largely the same size and dimensions, there will be some variation between brands.

  • Spool dimensions – Spectrum Filaments

    Spool dimensions A wide range of products Wide portfolio consisting of over 50 filaments with a versatile range of properties and applications, divided into three segments: desktop easy-to-use, industrial grade and high performance. High quality Innovation, extrusion know-how and highest quality filaments are the pillars of Spectrum philosophy.

  • The 3D Printing Filament Spool Standard: Light-weight, stackable …

    A spool standard would allow anyone with any filament-driven FFF/FDM 3D printer (other than those that require proprietary cartridges) to purchase filament from any manufacturer that uses…

  • Spool Dimensions

    Numakers is a manufacturer of high-quality 3D printing filaments for professionals and hobbyists. … How it's made Learn more about out filament making process. View page. … View page. Spool Dimensions Check spool compatibility with your printer. View page. Community Numakers FB Users Group Receive early updates, …

  • Empty Filament Spool Weights and Dimensions – Thrinter

    Empty Filament Spool Weights and Dimensions May 28, 2015 walter Filament, Tips and Techniques Sometimes, you want to know the weight of an empty spool so you can calculate how much filament you have left on the spool. Here’s the weights of some of the spools I’ve used, along with the dimensions of the spools. Showing 1 to 35 of 35 entries

  • Spool Size Questions – What's your largest for a 1KG?

    If I can stay around 200mm for the spool flanges I can shave off some height from the existing mechanism I’m deriving this design from, which will make filament spool changes easier when the rewinders are on top of an enclosure. Migrating the PC4-M50 connection to the top side of spool vs. the bottom of the frame should help this as well.

  • Filament spool – RepRap

    Trends of dimensions for home use Since this standardisation attempt, the range of spool size have decreased and there is a trend toward spools of 200mm diameter with a hole of 51-53mm, with hub diameter significantly larger than the spool hole diameter, from 85mm to 100mm.

  • How Many Meters of Filament Are in A Spool? – 3D Insider

    Calculate for the length of leftover filament. Length of filament = Volume of filament / Cross-section area. = 371.21 cubic centimeters / 0.07065 square centimeters. = 5,254 centimeters OR 52.54 meters. For our example, we have come up with an estimated leftover length of 5254 centimeters of filament.

  • Tech Breakdown: The Master Spool | MatterHackers

    Discover the sustainable concept and history of the Master Spool 3D Printer Filament solution with the Pros at MatterHackers. MatterHackers FREE, FAST Shipping on orders over $35 in the U.S.* Free Shipping on +$35 orders in the U.S.* Customer Service +1 (800) 613-4290