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Impressive New 3D Printer from ELEGOO Offers High Performance and User-Friendly Design

Impressive new 3D printer from ELEGOO offers high performance and user-friendly design

Summary: The Neptune 4 Max, a new 3D printer from Chinese manufacturer ELEGOO, is making a splash in the world of home 3D printing. With its large build volume and user-focused design, this printer offers impressive performance and a smooth printing experience. Although there are some areas for improvement, such as the assembly instructions and the lack of accessible open source printer profiles, the Neptune 4 Max proves to be a solid choice for both beginners and experienced users.

Assembly made easy
The assembly process of the Neptune 4 Max is straightforward, with clearly labeled and sorted components that streamline the build process. The integration of all essential tools further increases the user-friendliness of the printer.

Impressive performance
After an initial mishap where an object fell off the print bed during printing, subsequent prints went smoothly and successfully. Operating noise is within expected parameters for a printer of this size and manual control of the Z-axis fan is a convenient addition.

Impressive printing capabilities
The Neptune 4 Max’s bridging features are commendable as they easily handle sharp overhangs and reduce print time. Although the aesthetic value may be compromised, this is not a major problem for most users.

Additional functions
The spool holder design prevents the filament from tearing out and ensures smooth feeding. The filament runout sensor, which doubles as a guide, prevents clogging and is an impressive feature of the printer. The build volume and automatic leveling system also contribute to a pleasant user experience.

Software compatibility
A disadvantage for Prusa ecosystem enthusiasts is the pre-installed version of Cura, as it limits the use of the printer’s full potential. However, custom profiles can be developed to overcome this limitation.

Overall, ELEGOO’s Neptune 4 Max offers a powerful and easy-to-use experience in the world of home 3D printing. Despite minor drawbacks, it proves to be a solid choice for printing large objects and comes at an affordable price, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

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