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Bambu Lab disrupts itself with A1 3D printer -

Bambu Lab disrupts itself with A1 3D printer –

Bambu Lab recently caused a stir when the desktop 3D printer maker unveiled its latest system, the A1. Shortly after the release of the A1 Mini in the fall, the launch of the A1 caused a little more excitement than one would expect. In addition to promising consumers that they could have it by Christmas, Bambu also sent review mockups to a number of popular YouTubers and creators to create hype for the release. All reviews have dropped in the last week and the response has been mostly positive. Not to mention the fancy ads that are all over YouTube.

Notable Improvements:

  • Quality improvements to the Mini AMS
  • Redesigned hotend with quickly replaceable nozzles
  • The bed warms up faster
  • Increased build plate size from 180 to 256 mm
  • Touchscreen with improved user interface
  • Calibration to reduce printing noise

Reviewers also praised the device’s quick assembly and quality of prints at its default settings. It appears that every effort has been made to smooth out any possible creases that the user may have right out of the box before starting to print. All of Bambu’s design talent appears to have gone into producing what is being hailed as “the first and only option for bed smugglers.”

Nevertheless, the company, known for its great attention to detail, is once again under scrutiny. So what’s the controversy?

Bambu Lab pressure calibration

Bambu’s A1 Mini was released just two months ago. Many printing enthusiasts complain that they have since bought an A1 mini (or two), have just ordered one for Christmas or have opted for another printer with a large overall build volume. And not only that: with Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​Monday in review, many enthusiasts have already made their big purchases for the year. And that’s not to mention retailers with a stock of A1 Minis may be harder to transport since the new and improved device only costs $100 more.

While only the most loyal consumers will find a way to negatively impact rapid product releases, someone willing to invest in an A1 has to seriously ask themselves, “Will this improve in a few months?” Because as it stands, Bambu is one of the few companies in the industry that can be expected to quickly revise and improve fan-favorite products. As long as Bambu continues to focus on user experience and product launches in collaboration with popular developers, it should be able to win back fans lost through inappropriate product releases.

A1 bambu lab auto leveling

With forum users commenting that Creality will soon announce a new printer to complement the K1 and K1 Max, we could be entering a new era of high-speed printers aimed at the home user.