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Robotic 3D printer builds fireproof house in California

Robotic 3D printer builds fireproof house in California

A compact 3D robotic printer will help build a fireproof home in Walnut, California, early next year. The first project of its kind is intended to be an example of the technology’s usefulness in areas heavily affected by forest fires.

Additive manufacturing is the industry name for 3D printing, used worldwide for a variety of applications. Whether small machine parts or large bridges: additive manufacturing has proven to be a reliable technology for quick construction. For this reason, construction companies have also used this approach to build schools and houses in a short period of time.

Interesting Engineering has previously reported on how 3D printing is being used to build a large residential complex. These were usually new projects in empty rooms where there was not much difficulty in determining the placement of printing equipment. However, the same approach is difficult to implement when reconstructing an old house or building an accessory producing unit (ADU) in crowded neighborhoods.