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TGS uses the CEAD Flexbot 3D printer for customers in the Czech Republic

TGS uses the CEAD Flexbot 3D printer for customers in the Czech Republic

Flexbot Research XL platform installed at TGS. Photo credit, all images: TGS

CEAD (Delft, Netherlands), a global company producing advanced 3D printing technology, announces a new partnership with TGS (Mýto, Czech Republic), a dynamic, progressive engineering company. TGS has successfully launched its new Flexbot Research XL platform, installed by the CEAD team last September.

The Flexbot Research XL, which offers a print volume of up to 3 × 1 × 2.5 meters, was unveiled in early December during an open day hosted by TGS. Attendees experienced live 3D printing demonstrations of Flexbot printing using Airtech Advanced Materials Group’s (Huntington Beach, California, USA) Dahltram T-100GF, a fiberglass composite reinforced with recycled-grade co-polyester resin (see “CEAD Airtech qualifies Dalhtram resins for use on all AM Flexbot platforms.

Flexbot Research XL Platform Printing.

Flexbot Research XL platform for printing a tool.

TGS plans to use the Flexbot platform to offer 3D printing services and will also act as a reseller for CEAD’s Flexbot and extruders in the Czech Republic and surrounding regions. The company’s goal is to provide its customers with time and cost savings by using a wide range of materials, from standard materials reinforced with glass or natural fibers to high-performance materials such as polyetheretherketone (PEEK) for aerospace applications.

“The open day event once again highlighted the importance of the strategic partnership between CEAD and TGS,” says Andrea Baldolini, head of the sales team at CEAD. “This synergy will leverage our competencies to support customers in implementing large-scale additive manufacturing solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia markets.”

For more information, see “Airtech Advanced Materials Group Collaborates with CEAD.”