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Bambu Lab offers exceptional value for money with its new A1 3D printer

Bambu Lab offers exceptional value for money with its new A1 3D printer

After a while teasingly, Bambu Lab has officially launched its new A1 3D printer. This new bed-bearing 3D printer is the bigger brother of the A1 Miniand is Bambu Lab’s answer to the question Prusa MK4.

With a bed size of 256 x 256 x 256mm, the A1 has a larger build area than the Prusa MK4 and is also much cheaper, priced at £369.00. With the A1, functions such as automatic calibration, active flow compensation and easily replaceable nozzles are among the basic functions. If you want to print in multi-colour, the A1 also comes with an A1 Combo option for £509, which comes with an AMS Lite multi-material accessory.

A nice feature of the A1 is the included camera, which allows you to create time-lapse footage for your 3D printing sessions. The printer also has a filament runout sensor, power failure recovery and can detect filament tangles.

What Bambu Lab offers with its new A1 3D printer is added value. At £369, Bambu has set an incredibly low price for its latest 3D printer. Bambu Lab has proven with their A1 Mini that they can build great bed frame 3D printers. So far, reviews for the new A1 seem to be positive. However, we didn’t have a chance to test this printer ourselves.

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Bambu Lab A1 Specifications

Should the Bambu Lab A1 worry other 3D printer brands?

What Bambu Lab is offering here is a bed-mounted 3D printer that’s larger than Prusa’s MK4 and much cheaper. It can even come with multi-material support at a much cheaper price than Prusa’s MK4 3D printer kits, which require users to build themselves. This 3D printer also has the potential to steal significant market share from other cheaper 3D printer brands such as Creality and Anycubic.

The new A1 3D printer from Bambu Lab is now available via Company website.

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