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New 3D Printer from Bambu Labs: The A1 Plus

New 3D printer from Bambu Labs: The A1 Plus

Summary: Bambu Labs has just announced its newest 3D printer, the A1 Plus. While the company has managed to keep most of the details under wraps, some leaked information suggests that the A1 Plus will be an improved version of its predecessor, the A1 Mini. The printer is scheduled to be unveiled on December 14, 2023 and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its release.

Despite the limited information available, some lucky manufacturers, including Uncle Jessy and Nathan Builds Robots, have already received early units of the A1 Plus for testing. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality agreements, it is not possible to share many details about the printer. However, leaked images of the A1 Plus Combo set, which includes the printer and an Automatic Material System (AMS) for printing in multiple colors and materials, have been circulating online.

From the leaked images, it appears that the A1 Plus has a similar hot end to the A1 Mini. However, the A1 Plus has an additional Z-axis on the gantry, which promises greater stability and potentially faster print speeds. The A1 Mini was already known for its fast printing capabilities thanks to its Klipper firmware and input shaping. The A1 Plus is expected to offer similar, if not better, features.

While exact pricing details for the A1 Plus have yet to be confirmed, Nathan Builds Robots estimates it will be around $100 more than the A1 Mini, which currently retails for $299. Therefore, the A1 Plus is expected to be in the $399 price range. Pre-orders for the A1 Mini are currently open, but those interested in the A1 Plus are advised to wait until the official unveiling on December 14th.

Excitement is growing among 3D printing enthusiasts as they eagerly await the release of the Bambu Lab A1 Plus. Does it live up to expectations? Stay tuned December 14th to find out!

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