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Flsun S1: Delta 3D printer

Flsun S1: New Delta 3D printer prints particularly quickly and protects the health of its users

Flsun S1: Delta 3D printer

The S1 from Flsun is a new 3D printer that is advertised as being particularly fast. It has an unusual shape and, thanks to its closed design, is said to be less harmful to the user’s health, even when installed in a room that is not specifically intended for this purpose.

The Flsun S1 is a quite unusual 3D printer. Designed as a so-called delta printer, the print head of the Flsun S1 hangs from several belts and is controlled by shortening or lengthening these belts. The S1 is said to be equipped with a very high speed, stated at up to 1,200 mm/s, while the maximum acceleration is stated at 40,000 mm/s². The maximum flow rate for PLA filament is stated to be 110 mm³ per second. As usual, compromises must be made between maximum speed and accuracy. According to the manufacturer, the printing accuracy is 0.1 millimeters; a layer thickness between 0.1 and 0.35 millimeters is recommended.

The Flsun S1 measures 550 x 595 x 1030 millimeters and weighs an impressive 39 kilograms, but the pressure chamber has a diameter of 320 millimeters and a height of 430 millimeters. The printing nozzle can be heated up to 350 °C and has a diameter of 0.4 millimeters. The print bed can be heated up to 120°C; According to the manufacturer, the use of PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS and carbon is supported. The print bed can be heated in zones. There is also a chamber for drying the filament on the top of the model. A LiDAR sensor system should ensure high accuracy of the first layer, while leveling and Z-axis compensation should be carried out automatically. A camera is installed, the AI ​​should then be able to recognize errors, which also makes time-lapse recordings possible.

Operation should be particularly easy thanks to a touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which also supports a connection to a PC. The exhaust air from the FDM printer is not simply released into the environment; Instead, a HEPA and an activated carbon filter are used. The model is listed directly from the manufacturer at a price of just under 1,300 US dollars: the first pre-sales activities have ended. The second batch will begin shipping on January 31st for China, February 10th for USA/RU, and February 20th for EU/CA/AU/UK.

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