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Metal 3D Printer: Rrcat develops a low-cost metal 3D printer for the first time |  Indore News

Metal 3D Printer: Rrcat develops a low-cost metal 3D printer for the first time | Indore News

Indore: In a game-changing move to address the shortage of metal 3D printing machines in the Indian market, AIC Pi-Hub – the incubation center of the Raja Ramanna Center for Advanced Technology (RRCAT) – has partnered with Lokesh Machines to launch a 3D printing machine in Indore Metal Developing Limited Hyderabad. The machine represents a significant milestone as it is the first bespoke technology of its kind. RRCAT director Dr. SV Nakhe officially launched the state-of-the-art device at an unveiling at the AMTECH-2023 exhibition, the country’s largest additive manufacturing and 3D printing exhibition, held in Hyderabad on Friday. Its arrival marks a pivotal moment for the Indian industry, offering an affordable alternative that was previously sourced internationally at exorbitant prices ranging between 5 and 7 crore. In stark contrast, the AIC Pi-Hub machine developed by RRCAT is said to be available at a discounted price of Rs 2-3 crore, significantly reducing the financial burden on interested industries. This innovation is the first product under the Atomic Energy Department’s incubation program, marking its first foray into developing products for widespread use in ordinary industries and by the general population. The Ministry of Atomic Energy has inaugurated four incubation centers at BARC, Mumbai, Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Raja Ramanna Center for Advanced Technology (RRCAT) Indore and Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) Gandhi Nagar in 2020. “The successful Our team’s development and introduction of this metal 3D printer marks a significant leap in technological innovation offered to the market. We are pleased to offer a local.” “A cost-effective solution that will strengthen Indian industry and further promote technological self-reliance,” said Dr. CP Paul, head of AIC pi-Hub. The Hyderabad-based company collaborated with AIC Pi-Hub and collected inputs on industrial requirements with a market survey. The requirements were communicated to him after developing this metal 3D printing machine. The incubation center will hold hands to make further progress on the product over the next three years.
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