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3DGence launches the INDUSTRY F350 high-temperature 3D printer - technical data and prices

3DGence launches the INDUSTRY F350 high-temperature 3D printer – technical knowledge and costs

FFF 3D printer maker 3DGence has announced the launch of its latest industrial 3D printer.

The new INDUSTRY F350 is characterized by its high temperature extrusion capability and has a maximum nozzle temperature of 500 ° C and a construction volume of 340 x 340 x 350 mm. The double extrusion system is also equipped with a heated build chamber, making it compatible with a wide variety of high-performance filaments such as PEEK, PC, PA6 and even PA-CF. The company has announced that additional materials such as PEKK-CF, PC-CF and PC-ABS will be available soon.

With the aim of moving from rapid prototyping to rapid end use production, 3DGence has also placed a focus on productivity with its latest machine. Therefore, the revised kinematic system of the F350 offers printing speeds of up to 400 mm / s and travel speeds of up to 1000 mm / s.

Filip Turzyński, R&D manager at 3DGence, explains: “With the new printer, we have optimized the internal process of material development. 3DGence INDUSTRY F350 has been tested on composites, engineering and high performance polymers. More materials from these segments will be added to the portfolio as this is currently the main requirement of the market. We are extremely happy with the top speed, accuracy and print quality of our new system. “

The INDUSTRY F350 3D printer. Photo via 3DGence.

Industrial FFF 3D printing with 3DGence

The company’s INDUSTRY 3D printer series has been used extensively in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and medicine, with over 1000 installations worldwide. The flagship INDUSTRY F420 has a construction volume of 380 x 380 x 420 mm and is compatible with a large number of technical filaments such as ULTEM, PEEK and PEKK.

For customers on a tight budget, the INDUSTRY F340 3D printer may be a better choice. The system was developed for cost-efficient rapid prototyping and offers users a construction chamber of 260 x 300 x 340 mm as well as bonus functions such as an intelligent material manager on site and an automatic calibration system.

An ABS component 3D printed on the new F350.  Photo via 3DGence.An ABS component 3D printed on the new F350. Photo via 3DGence.


The third entry, the INDUSTRY F350, has a modular structure and offers users the choice between three different interchangeable printheads. The modules – M280, M360 and M500 – each allow different maximum hotend temperatures between 280 ° C and 500 ° C. For example, you would use M500 to 3D print high temperature PEEK parts.

The latest system from 3DGence also has a magnetic borosilicate glass building board (160 ° C) and a completely closed, actively heated building chamber (130 ° C). Ultimately, these additives help prevent delamination and shrinkage problems, and help maintain the high ambient temperatures required for 3D printing industrial-grade components.

With some of the quality of life features on offer in mind, we have a built-in heated filament chamber (50 ° C), a special printhead rinsing system and the option of Wi-Fi connectivity. The new system is also integrated with the 3DGence CLOUD for remote monitoring, print management, job queuing, file sharing and build stat analysis.

Remigiusz Synowiec, Product Manager at 3DGence, adds: “With our new INDUSTRY F350, we are filling the gap in the 3DGence INDUSTRY line. Our users can now expand their machine park and use the same modules for F420 and F350. Monitor the work through 3DGence CLOUD and manage the print queue to optimize the output. “

The high temperature M500 module is used to extrude PEEK.  Photo via 3DGence.The high temperature M500 module is used to extrude PEEK. Photo via 3DGence.

Technical data and prices

Below you will find the technical data for the INDUSTRY F350 3D printer. The system can be ordered immediately. Readers interested in purchasing the machine should seek a quote on the 3DGence store page.

Create volume 340 x 340 x 350 mm
Min. Layer height 50 microns
Print heads 2
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Printhead temperature Up to 500 ° C.
Bed temperature 160 ° C.
Chamber temperature 130 ° C.
Filament chamber temperature 50 ° C.
Cruising speed 1000 mm / s
Print speed 400 mm / s
Dimensions 1825 x 960 x 940 mm
Weight 335 kg
Connectivity USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

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The picture shown shows the INDUSTRY F350 3D printer. Photo via 3DGence.