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Save over 30% on a fun 3D printer for kids

Save over 30% on a enjoyable 3D printer for teenagers

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Print your own toys, figures, vessels and more.
Print your own toys, figures, vessels and more.

Image: Toybox Labs

TL; DR: Keep your kids (or yourself) entertained with that ToyBox 3D Printer, available March 16 for $ 314.99 – 32% off.

Do you remember when people bought these pearls that melted into shapes when they were ironed? Well, the ToyBox 3D printer is basically a much cooler version of that.

With this kids’ 3D printer, the little ones (and adults too) can design and print pretty much any toy they can think of. The ToyBox was successfully funded on Shark Tank – and it’s easy to see why.

The ToyBox uses one-touch features to make printing your creations as easy as possible. Once you’ve downloaded the companion app, you can choose from a catalog of print-ready designs that you can customize to your liking. Or you can choose a blank canvas to design whatever comes to mind. The library of print-ready toys is constantly expanding so that children can grow with the ToyBox instead of getting bored after a few weeks.

The kit even includes a bonus lesson on sustainability – each of the eight different colors are made from non-toxic, biodegradable printer food. Each color of filament can make anywhere from 100 to 300 toys.

See everything the ToyBox 3D printer can do:

Typically this toy set is $ 469, but for a limited time you can save 32% and take it home with you for just $ 314.99.

Save over 30% on a fun 3D printer for kids