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Turn an Ender 3 into your own Belt 3D printer

Flip an Ender Three into your personal Belt 3D printer

Infinite bed 3D printers have long been an object of desire in our community, but it has taken a long time for the promise of relatively affordable models that meet expectations to materialize. They’re still a bit expensive compared to their fixed bed cousins. So if you are craving a Creality CR30 but only have the money for an Ender 3, [Michael Sgroi] can have the project for you. He developed the EnderLoop, a series of parts that can be used to convert from a standard Ender 3 to a fully functional tape printer.

It takes the Ender 3 portal and tilts it to one side on a pair of 3D printed supports. It replaces the standard Y-Azis with a belt on rollers that are driven by a larger motor via a toothed belt drive. He has a variety of suggestions for sourcing a belt and in his case one from PowerBelt3D. In addition to the already linked GitHub repository, you can also find it on Thingiverse.

It is clear that hacking a reliable printer this way is not for the faint of heart, and that a cautious hacker might prefer to wait a while for a cheaper standard model. However, we can see that the reliability of the Ender 3 will mean that its parts are still of decent quality in the new configuration and that the base printer can be reassembled in the event a belt-based setup fails. Infinite bed printers will inevitably have a huge presence in our community, and it is designs like this that will lead the way as they become reliable machines.