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ExOne stock is pulling back from its 7-year high after the 3D printer's stock offered prices at 16% off

ExOne inventory is pulling again from its 7-year excessive after the 3D printer’s inventory provided costs at 16% off

Shares of ExOne Co. XONE, -15.29%, fell 10.1% on Wednesday ahead of trading, to pull back from a seven-year high set in the previous session after the sand and metal 3D printer company made a public offering of shares announced at a price of had a deeper discount. The company sold 1.67 million shares, representing approximately 8.7% of the number of shares outstanding, at $ 54 per share, down 16.3% from Tuesday’s closing price of $ 64.50. The company raised $ 90 million in the offer. The offer comes after the stock rose 79.0% in a three-day earnings streak and closed Tuesday at its highest price since January 13, 2014. The stock has increased nearly six-fold (503.9%) in the past three months through Tuesday. while the S&P 500 SPX gained -0.21% by 10.3%.