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 ultimaker pla material: highly versatile, easy to print
Ultimaker PLA. Ultimaker PLA (polylactic acid) is highly versatile, easy to print, and available in 11 colors. It prints reliably with high dimensional accuracy and a quality surface finish. This makes it an ideal material for a range of applications – from detailed prototypes to simple manufacturing jigs and gauges. Where to buy.

 ultimaker filamenti pla | 2.85mm | 750gr
Ultimaker PLA | 2.85mm | 750gr. Il PLA Ultimaker è veramente semplice da stampare, con buona qualità superficiale, ed è prodotto da materiali biodegradabili. Lavora perfettamente con i profili dei materiali di Cura.

 ultimaker pla 3d filament
Ultimaker PLA (polylactic acid) filament provides a no-hassle 3D printing experience thanks to its reliability and good surface quality. Our PLA is made from organic and renewable sources. It’s safe, easy to print with and it serves a wide range of applications for both novice and advanced users.

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 ultimaker pla filament | matterhackers
Ultimaker PLA filaments are highly versatile, easy to print, and available in a variety of colors. Developed to print reliably with high dimensional accuracy and quality surface finish. Ultimaker PLA filament is capable of achieving tensile stiffness and detailed surface quality great for detailed prototypes to simple manufacturing jigs and gauges.

 ultimaker filamenti tough pla | 2.85mm | 750gr
Ultimaker Tough PLA Il Tough PLA Ultimaker è un PLA (acido polilattico) tecnico con una durezza simile all'ABS. Ideale per stampare prototipi funzionali e utensili di grandi dimensioni, il Tough PLA offre la stessa sicurezza e semplicità d'uso di un normale PLA.

 pla vs. abs filament: what is the difference? - ultimaker
Ultimaker PLA 3D printers. Ultimaker offers its own PLA filament, supported by and designed for optimal results with all Ultimaker 3D printers. With an Ultimaker 3D printer and Ultimaker PLA you can print at high speed in 11 colors, with the ability to combine two for dual-color prints.

 the widest material choice on the market | ultimaker
The widest material choice on the market. Choosing the right material is critical to the success of your 3D print. Ultimaker's open filament system lets you print with any 2.85 mm filament, and print profiles from the Ultimaker Marketplace streamline print preparation and maximize your print success rate.

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