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 smoothing and finishing techniques for petg filament - 3d ...
Sanding is a tried and true method of finishing 3D prints and is pretty much your only option for finishing filament materials that do not dissolve in any solvent. The same can be said for PETG. However, the more ductile and less brittle properties of PETG make sanding a little harder than PLA or other similar plastics.

 how to: post-processing petg 3d filament | matterhackers
Sanding and Priming PETG 3D Filament. This is the same process documented in out How To Smooth and Finish Your PLA Prints. Between ABS, PLA, and PETG, ABS filament sands the easiest and PLA sands the hardest, putting PETG in a nice medium between the two. You start with coarse sandpaper to knock down most of the layer lines on your 3D print.

 how to smooth petg prints - 3d insider
1. Sanding. Although sanding a PETG print is a little more difficult than a PLA print, smoothing via sanding is not a completely impotent option. In fact, the process of sanding a PETG print is pretty similar, albeit a little more difficult and time-consuming. When sanding a PETG print, it is best to have a set of sandpaper with different grit ...

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 post-processing of petg – how to get the best results - 3d ...
Sanding. The go-to method of post-processing is sanding. This also applies to PETG although its extra flexibility may make the task a bit more challenging. Although there will be a bit more physical effort and patience involved, the technique remains fundamentally the same.

 what will dissolve petg? how to remove it in 10 minutes ...
Sanding PETG can be a little more complicated than sanding PLA prints. The process is pretty similar but a little more time-consuming. Start sanding with the coarsest sandpaper you have (but no less than 200). After removing apparent layers, ...

 petg smoothing: how to get the perfect finish | all3dp
PETG Smoothing: How to Get the Perfect Finish. by Jackson Moody. Published Dec 17, 2020. Advertisement. PETG smoothing is a great way to reduce layer lines and deformities in a print. Read on to learn about some of the best techniques!

 advanced guide to printing petg filament | user guides
We recommend sanding to eliminate the layer lines from PETG 3D prints. We recommend printing your parts with at least 3 perimeters/shells or a minimum wall thickness of 1.2mm if you plan on sanding. This wall thickness will ensure you don’t sand past the external shell and reach the infil.

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