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 prusa knowledge base | petg
Although PETG is frequently used in food industry and is considered food-safe, we do not recommend it (or any other filament) for printing dishes or other stuff that comes into direct contact with food.The main reason is tiny print layer surface grooves that can support numerous bacterial colonies. But if you still want 3D printed dishes, we suggest applying a special layer that seals the ...

 prusament petg | prusament
Prusament PETG. PETG is one of the most commonly used filaments. It is an excellent choice for printing mechanically stressed parts. Compared to PLA, it is more heat resistant, more flexible and less brittle. Strength & Rigid.

 petg - prusa research
Prusament PETG is our own in-house made filament. The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested - we guarantee ±0.02mm precision and highly-consistent colors. You can inspect parameters of every spool we made at Check the sample spool! PETG Prusa Orange is a signature color used on Original Prusa i3 printers.

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 petg first layer settings using overture petg – general ...
RE: PETG First Layer Settings using Overture PETG. Tried .3 mm for contact z. While I wouldn't say getting the support material off was easy, it was certainly a sight easier than the .1 mm setting. For anyone reading this, I'm using Overture PETG on a Prusa Mark3s and Slic3R. Settings are default save for these: Under Support Material

 print problems with petg – how do i print this? (printing ...
RE: Print problems with PETG. Sorry to barge in on your post but I'm about to print with PETG for the first time myself. As far as Prusa Slicer goes, when you select Prusament PETG from the list, it looks to me like the only settings that change are the temperatures, etc under the "filament settings".

 problems with petg printing, failed print – assembly and ...
Dear Prusa Forum, I'm a complete noob in 3D-Printing, just received my first printer (Mini) last week. Since the machine was working great out of the box with Prusament PLA I changed the spool to a Prusament PETG and started a print with the standard PETG MINI settings in Prusa Slicer.After seeing the first layers being printed okay I checked back ca. 40 minutes later to this:

 advanced filament guide - prusa printers
If you are interested in specific filament parameters, you can filter these values. Every parameter can be sorted by clicking on it. Plus, you can filter filaments by selecting various attributes such as mechanical resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, etc.. Long story short – with our filament guide you’ll never again hesitate whether the selected filament is suitable for your needs.

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