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 what temperature can pla withstand(+ how to strengthen)
PLA is one of the most user-friendly filaments to use, but it’s no secret that PLA(polylactic acid) can’t withstand much heat at all, so you have to consider where you’ll use your PLA parts and make sure they won’t be exposed to too much heat.

 the perfect pla print & bed temperature | all3dp
The Perfect PLA Print & Bed Temperature. Figuring out the best PLA print & bed temperature can be tricky. Check out this quick guide to learn all you need to know.

 high-temperature pla: what it is, how it’s used, and where ...
However, PLA has one major flaw: it has poor heat resistance. PLA prints are not suitable for applications that need to be exposed to temperatures beyond a standard range of 45 to 54 °C. Just for reference, hot water from your tap could easily exceed that temperature.

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 pla 3d printing speed & temperature - which is best? - 3d ...
Since PLA can be made in ways that make it more or less susceptible to heat, temperatures have to be tested and adjusted to get it perfect. Even darker color filaments are known to require a higher extrusion temperature because of the color additives in the filament. The chemical makeup of PLA can be altered depending on the manufacturing process.

 filamento pla 1kg - shogun heat resistant pla treed ...
Filamento PLA di Shogun Heat Resistant PLA di TreeD Filaments, peso netto 1kg. Superior PLA biodegradabile che resiste fino a 90°C senza perdere la sua forma.

 pla technical data sheet - sd3d printing
PLA is one of the most cost-effective FDM printing materials and easiest to process. PLA is best used for complex modeling applications that do not require impact strength or tolerance to heat loads. *Toughness is not defined in ASTM D638 though can be calculated by taking the integral of the stress-strain curve collected by tensile data.

 heated bed - pla and bed heating? - 3d printing stack exchange
I've read different things about PLA and heat-bed. Some say it is not needed, others recommend 60-70°C, but not for the first layers. For larger objects I often have the problem that the object does not stick to the blue-painters-tape-covered aluminium print plate. Instead the print "curls" up on one or more corners.

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