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 pla vs. abs filament: what is the difference?
ABS properties. With thermal resistance up to 85 °C, ABS can be used in much warmer environments than PLA. Compared to PLA, the strength of ABS filament is slightly lower in terms of the loads it can bear (70.5 MPa). But it makes up for it with its other mechanical properties.

 pla vs. abs: what's the difference? | hubs
PLA can rapidly lose its structural integrity and can begin to droop and deform, particularly if under load, as it approaches 60°C. Biodegradability. PLA is stable in general atmospheric conditions and will biodegrade within 50 days in industrial composters and 48 months in water. ABS is not biodegradable, however it is recyclable.

 pla vs. abs: choosing 3d printing filament the right way
PLA vs ABS Filaments: Pricing. Both filaments have similar pricing options and are very affordable. 10-meter spools of both PLA and ABS go for around $5. The price difference between both filaments is usually insignificant. The major factors that affect the price difference are the brand, color, and shipping costs.

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 pla vs abs. the definitive comparison 2020 - bitfab
PLA vs ABS, conclusions. I hope you liked this comparison between the PLA and ABS. I leave you my personal opinion to choose between them: For most projects the best material is PLA. It is the material with the best finishing, the most available colours, the cheapest and for many mechanical properties it is the same or better than ABS.

 pla vs abs: which is best for your 3d printing needs ...
PLA at a lower printing temperature, at 190-220C rather than 220-250C, and warps less than ABS, with ABS parts also prone to cracking and curling. PLA also does not require an enclosed print chamber or a heated bed, though we still recommend one, whereas it is crucial to use a heated bed with ABS to reduce warping.

 pla vs abs filament - plastic strength, flexibility ...
PLA vs ABS Strength. There are times when the answer to this comparison “pla vs abs plastic” depends on the 3D printed object that you want to accomplish. PLA and ABS do not share the same strength and one of them is best used when you 3D print objects that will be subjected to wear and tear.

 differenza tra pla e abs | confronta la differenza tra ...
PLA e ABS sono due elastomeri organici che hanno una vasta gamma di applicazioni grazie al loro insieme unico di proprietà. La differenza fondamentale tra PLA e ABS è questa Il PLA è un poliestere alifatico biodegradabile, mentre l'ABS è un elastomero termoplastico non biodegradabile.

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