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 pla vs. abs: choosing 3d printing filament the right way
ABS is known for being resistant to shattering when dropped or hit and is most identifiable with Lego bricks. Like PLA, it is also a thermoplastic filament. Unlike PLA, however, it isn’t as easy to use, especially for beginners. PLA vs ABS: Properties. The difference between PLA and ABS boils down to the properties of each.

 pla vs. abs filament: what is the difference?
ABS properties. With thermal resistance up to 85 °C, ABS can be used in much warmer environments than PLA. Compared to PLA, the strength of ABS filament is slightly lower in terms of the loads it can bear (70.5 MPa). But it makes up for it with its other mechanical properties.

 pla vs abs: which is best for your 3d printing needs ...
If you have an FDM 3D printer then you’re 90% there, you just need some 3D printer filament to print with. PLA and ABS are the two most common filaments used by all the best 3D printers for makers and hobbyists today. So which is best for you? This article compares PLA vs ABS across a variety of important factors to determine which is best for your personal 3D printing needs.

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 pla vs abs filament - plastic strength, flexibility ...
PLA vs ABS Filament – Plastic Strength, Flexibility Compared! Buyer’s Guide 2021. ABS and PLA filaments are the most popular materials for 3D printing. But one is stronger and more flexible while the other is more convenient to use and easier to print.

 abs vs pla filament - what's the difference? - 3devo blog
ABS vs PLA Filament – What’s The Difference? Like it or not, you simply can’t go out and start 3D printing without some prior filament knowledge. No matter how impressive your 3D printer is, choosing the wrong filament could make your next print look like it escaped from Chernobyl.

 pla vs. abs: which one should you use? - 3d insider
Durable. Compared to PLA, ABS exhibits much higher impact resistance and toughness. It is the more suitable filament material for 3D printing parts that you expect will undergo a lot of wear and tear. If you’re printing functional parts such as hinges and brackets, then ABS is a much better choice than PLA.

 pla vs. abs: what's the difference? | hubs
PLA is stable in general atmospheric conditions and will biodegrade within 50 days in industrial composters and 48 months in water. ABS is not biodegradable, however it is recyclable. PLA is regularly used for the production of food related items, however confirmation by the filament manufacturer that it is safe to do so is recommended.

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