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 masterspool - das filament edition v3 - new! by ...
NEW Version available - Masterspool DF Edition V3! Upgrades: 2x3 additional filament holders on the edge of the spool (left and right). Filament does not have to be kinked anymore, better stackability. Inspired by the solution of RichRaps Masterspool! Optimized thread form. A stop prevents over-tightening of the thread, so the cutouts for the cable ties are always alligned Snap in mechanism ... - masterspool filament refills
Masterspool Filament Refills from - Let's face it - Masterspool is a great idea. And we think it's such a good idea that all our filament is available as Masterspool refills, and at a lower price.. . If you're not familiar with Masterspo

 filament - what is a masterspool? - 3d printing stack exchange
A masterspool is the practice of printing your own spool out of filament, which will then be used to support your filament you purchase without a spool attached. The main idea is to create a reusable spool and create less waste. ( NOTE: I'm in no way affiliated with, nor am I an endorser of their products.

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 masterspool refills-reduce waste and save costs on 3d ...
Use Masterspool refills to reduce waste and save costs. It's the same premium 3D Printer filament but now you can use it on a Masterspool - a re-useable spool which you can print from Thingiverse from all your odds and ends, then just buy refill packs of Elefilament to save money.

 masterspool - a proposed standard for 3d printing filament ...
The MasterSpool standard is a concept idea for a way to deliver 3D printing filament to users without a spool. The main concept is for manufacturers to provide a material refill system to users who can then use their own 'MasterSpool' in their 3D printer.

 masterspool -
MasterSpool is used with filament that is delivered without a spool, like refill. This reduces the environmental impact as less plastic is being shipped and recycled. Download the model from Thingiverse if you prefer to print the spool yourself. The colour of the delivered spool might deviate from the images.

 masterspool refills - push plastic 3d printer filament ...
500g Masterspool Refill **Masterspools are made to order, and can take 2-3 business days to ship ** For recommended print settings please visit the corresponding 1kg material page. All masterspool filament coils are bound with zip ties and vacuum sealed in a 4mil bag with desiccant. Want to print your own reel? C

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