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 magnetic filaments: properties, how to use it ... - 3d insider
Magnetic filaments are made by infusing finely ground iron powder to a base material. Although other base materials can be theoretically used, the magnetic filament products available in the market today use PLA. This allows us to make 3D prints that act much like metals in terms of their response to a magnetic field.

 ferro-magnetic pla | filament2print
The magnetic filament opens a large field of applications in 3D printing which can be magnetic sensors and actuators, magnetic stirrers, and simulation of cast iron parts. In addition to the electrical applications of this filament, it also highlights the potential of the same in the educational field.

 magnetic iron pla – protoplant, makers of proto-pasta
3D printer filament is sold in grams /kg, even in the case of exotic materials with greater density. Our Magnetic Iron PLA is quite dense compared to standard PLA. As a result, a 500 g spool of Magnetic Iron PLA contains about 100 meters of filament, vs. nearly 200 meters on a 500 g spool of standard PLA.

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 magnetic iron pla - proto-pasta brand 3d printer filament
Our iron-filled magnetic filament uses real iron to create a unique magnetic PLA filament for 3D prints with a cast-metal or rusted finish & magentic properties.

 graphene 3d lab introduces new, powerful magnetic filament ...
Made from a ferro-magnetic PLA material, the iron-based filament is described as being ideal for 3D printing industrial components such as sensors, motors and mechanical actuators.

 magnetic iron pla | matterhackers
3D Printer Filament; Proto-Pasta; Magnetic Iron PLA; Magnetic Iron PLA. Proto-Pasta Magnetic Iron PLA - 1.75mm (0.5kg) $34.99 $38.00. learn more Add to Cart. Proto-Pasta Magnetic Iron PLA - 2.85mm (0.5kg) $34.99 $38.00. learn more Add to Cart. Proto-Pasta. Proto ...

 is it possible to 3d print magnets? - 3d insider
If you’re going to use a magnetic filament to 3D print functional engineering parts, you will need to consider the effect of the plastic matrix on the properties of the finished print. These magnetic filaments contain anywhere between 20% to 40% PLA which diminishes the strength with which it reacts to magnetic fields.

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