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 11 exotic 3d printer filaments you should try | article ...
Exotic 3D Printer Filament #4: Sandstone. If you’re working on an architectural or landscape 3D printing project, sandstone filament combines fine chalk powder with co-polyesters to produce the color and texture of stone. By varying the extrusion temperature during 3D printing, this filament can offer either smooth or rough surface ...

 6 exotic filaments you should try in your 3d printer | make:
6 Exotic Filaments You Should Try in Your 3D Printer. 3D Printing & Imaging Digital Fabrication. ... NinjaFlex filament creates prints that are super stretchable, ... Often you’ll find him 3D printing at the Ocean State Maker Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. View more articles by Spencer Zawasky . Related Stories from Make:

 exotic filament | all3dp
Metal 3D printing filaments are perfect for busts, figurines, and other 3D models. But in order to achieve that true metal look, you have to know how to properly post-process your metal 3D print. This weekend, get familiar with polishing and oxidizing techniques that will help your 3D print shine. Advertisement.

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 exotic filaments archives | tesseract 3d printing
PVA filament is designed to be used with dual-extruder 3D printers and is solely used to print the support structures for your 3D print. A Truly Innovative Material: PVA filament is a unique 3D printing material that will dissolve in water thus eliminating the risk of imperfections caused from removing support structures from 3D prints.

 exotic / specialty filament – atomic filament
Exotic / Specialty Filament. Filaments listed here have enhanced mechanical properties and/or visual effects. Sort by. Filters. Magigoo 3D Print Bed Adhesive. 1. $ 19 95. CARBON FIBER Nuclear Nylon v3. 8. $ 49 99. CARBON FIBER Extreme Black PETG. 35. $ 49 99. Sold Out - Click and signup to be notified when available. Carbon Fiber Ultra Black ...

 types of 3d printer filament – common and exotic | 3dpbuzz
While PLA filament is all well and good, I wanted to explore more material options as I ramp up my home 3D printing operation. There are dozens of filament materials that can be used in fused deposition 3D printing processes. In this post, I characterize some common and more exotic types of 3D printer filament. PLA Filament

 exotic 3d printing filaments | hackaday
Posted in 3d Printer hacks, Transportation Hacks Tagged 3D printed longboard, 3d printer filament, 3d printing, exotic 3D printing filaments, skateboard 3D Printering: Aramid And Carbon Fiber ...

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