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 how to dry your filament | 3d print beginner
I recommend drying your PLA at a temperature of 40C-50C for at least 4 hours if you are drying inside a ventilated oven. PETG For me, PETG has been the filament which absorbed the most amount of moisture and more than a handful of prints have failed because of this.

 4 ways to dry petg filament (and tips for proper storage ...
Oven Method – The oven method is probably the most common method to dry PETG filament as you can use it with any oven, and ovens exist in almost every household. Heat Bed Method – The heat bed method is one of the more creative methods, capable of drying your PETG filament without using anything other than your 3D printer.

 put petg in oven, now it's stuck together : 3dprinting
Put PETG in oven, now it's stuck together. I'd seen recommendations that if you think your PETG has absorbed water from humidity to put it in the oven on low heat— seemingly in the 160°-180° Fahrenheit range. I'd been having some failed prints lately so given that the filament (clear eSun) used to print just fine I figured I should try it.

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 i dried 2 spools of petg in the oven at 170°f which is as ...
PLA and PETG are some of the more forgiving they wont show signs of it for a while but theyre still pulling water from the air. Silica Gel desecents can be recharged (dried) by placing in oven 255 f 6-12 hrs. Sadly i have yet to buy that. Its in my amazon cart thou lol.

 how to dry filament (pla, abs, & nylon). highly effective.
Luckily, drying up PETG filament can be done at a meager cost, almost freely. Now, PETG filament (view on Amazon) dries up at 65℃ ( 149℉), so pre-heat your oven to 65℃. After confirming using your thermometer, there are no inconsistencies between the oven temperature and the stipulated temperature; put your PETG filament in the oven.

 petg drying | duet3d
But I think that temperature also plays in drying, it always helps if you get molecules moving faster. I once found these somewhere, and from what I tested they work. You basically set temperature as high as possible before glass transition. PLA - [email protected]°C. ABS - [email protected]°C. PETG - [email protected]°C. NYLON - [email protected]°C. PVA - [email protected]°C.

 does petg need to be dried? all you need to know - 3dprintem
After drying some filament spools, you can put them into sealed plastic bags or boxes to keep them dry. Conclusion. It is a good idea to dry PETG filaments if you store them in a humid environment. The less water they contain, the better the printing quality will be. Drying filaments don’t cost too much, and it’s easy to do.

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