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 how to dry your filament | 3d print beginner
For me, PETG has been the filament which absorbed the most amount of moisture and more than a handful of prints have failed because of this. Most of the time, stringing was terrible, and the layer lines looked bad, but after drying. How to dry PETG? I recommend drying your PETG at a temperature of 60C-65C for at least 4 hours. ABS

 4 ways to dry petg filament (and tips for proper storage ...
PETG Filament Storage Tips (To Keep It Dry) Proper PETG filament storage is the best way to ensure that your filament stays dry and free of moisture. After drying the moisture off your filament, storing it with these tips in mind will ensure that you won’t need to dry it over and over. Keep your filaments in low-moisture areas.

 do you need to dry your petg filament? - youtube
PETG filament at Amazon - 3 at Gearbest - 3 at Amazon - dehydrator at...

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 how to dry filament (pla, abs, & nylon). highly effective.
Luckily, drying up PETG filament can be done at a meager cost, almost freely. Now, PETG filament (view on Amazon) dries up at 65℃ ( 149℉), so pre-heat your oven to 65℃. After confirming using your thermometer, there are no inconsistencies between the oven temperature and the stipulated temperature; put your PETG filament in the oven.

 drying instructions - 3dxtech
Filament Drying Recommendations. Max drying temp: Important – this temperature should not be exceeded without risking the deformation of the filament, reel, or both. Drying duration: This of course depends on how wet the material is. If it has been sitting out for several weeks or months, then you may need to dry it longer to drive out the moisture.

 petg drying | duet3d
But I think that temperature also plays in drying, it always helps if you get molecules moving faster. I once found these somewhere, and from what I tested they work. You basically set temperature as high as possible before glass transition. PLA - [email protected]°C. ABS - [email protected]°C. PETG - [email protected]°C. NYLON - [email protected]°C. PVA - [email protected]°C.

 beat moisture before it kills your 3d printing filament ...
PrintDry PRO Filament Drying System is an easy and affordable solution for 3D printing projects that use hygroscopic materials like nylon, PETG, PVA, and flexible filament. Also available is a 5-pack vacuum-sealed storage container with an air removal pump for maximum filament storage protection.

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